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The HEFCE KIS is an HTML “widget” that dynamically retrieves centralized course data and presents it to prospective students on every course home page for every British university, so that students can enjoy a consistently recognizable set of core data about every course they’re considering, regardless of institution.

User Research

I worked with PureUsability to help target research to identify the right data.

Design Research

To determine the best widget design, I researched hundreds of existing Course web page designs.

Interface Design

I used Photoshop to design several layout options to suit various Course webpage designs.

Front-end Development

I coded each widget to comply with browser and mobile combinations.


Each KIS widget maintains a consistent set of design and layout elements in order to establish recognition, and then exploit it through consistency across implementations. This means a student can’t miss it, regardless of the wide variance between course webpage designs.

The right data

Prior to and during the research & design process, we ran segmented focus groups to determine which pieces of data (of hundreds) were the most important factors when deciding on a course. This means our data set is consistently useful to the highest amount of students, and in real-world scenarios.

Quickly accessible

A consistent and strategic use of bold, readable fonts, layouts, brand and colors optimized the overall experience by increasing ‘scan-ability’ and a strong information architecture.