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WordPress Content Strategy & Automation

I’ll take a look at some of the ways I use DRY, content strategy for choosing themes, Wordpress Plugins and the concept of aggregation to automate Wordpress content toward the goal of greatly reducing maintenance. If you spend too much time managing your Wordpress site, this article is for you.

Word-flow on the Web

Crafting the flow of narrative text is an established, common art for PRINT design, but how can we take those principles to make our text on the WEB more readable? In this article I describe the simple methods I use for hand-crafting HTML text to get readable and future-proof layouts that will happily flow across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Designing Usable and Accessible Buttons

Button interactions on any digital medium can make or break the accessibility of an application. In this article, I describe some best-practices for the size of click-targets, the styling of buttons and their various stages of interaction lifespan, and how to smartly change button designs for white-labeled applications.