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Nov 28, 2023 | News

This is my CHHAMH mug. It’s a great mug, but it’s what it stands for.

Once I saw what Christopher Lemark was doing at Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health, I was immediately on board with the concept. We all have our own journeys. Both Chris and I have journeyed through the world of Christian music, Christian hip-hop (his is fantastic). We’ve both committed to our own mental health journeys and tried to find ways to bring others along. We both make hiphop music and coffee. And we both are finding ways to express our beliefs outside of the traditional church construct.

I don’t know Chris personally, and I confess I’ve never visited Chicago outside of O’Hare airport. But through the internet, CHHAMH’s mission resonated with me so hard. When I’m able to give money, this is the first place my dollar is going. Buy something from their shop or just donate.