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Fifteenth Street

Dec 23, 2023 | Photography

Humanity is rightly obsessed with the paradox of good vs evil. Death before life, the bittersweet, pride before a fall.

The twists and turns of life become the unmappable labyrinth becoming with each hesitant footstep. A fearful journey jammed with wonder.

The beauty of humanity is not in its brokenness, but in its resilience. Compelled by love and connection amidst a fury of twisty, turny curveballs of art and war. Sheer will pressing ever onward, no matter how unbelievable.

It’s what I’m celebrating in this holiday season.

This gutterpunk anarchism gives me hope for myself, to burn the chaos in a flame of hope. To stare at death in the face and say look around. You can’t win.

Ricoh GR iiix
Bright and hopeful 52ºF
Fort Collins, Colorado